Thursday, July 12, 2007

A View from Ike (Eric Anderson)

The Midwest Tour this year was excellent. The organization of the tour was superb, and the whole experience was a lot of fun. One of my favorite experiences was the City Museum in St. Louis. It was filled inside and out with old objects to climb on. It is very difficult to describe, but it made me feel like a small child at a massive playground. One particularly humorous incident was when Kellen, and then I, tried to squeeze through a tight passage. Neither of us was successful. Then Henry, larger than either of us, gets through. Kellen and I were both inspired and made it eventually. (See Mrs. Walls for pictures.) The museum was unique, unlike any other place I have ever been.
The concerts were good too. Our first concert in Kansas City was superb. We had an excellent energy, and the songs just seemed to click.
Tour was also a great time to get to know the guys in Kantorei better and to meet the people in the other choirs we sang with. Though I was a little worried at first, the “lock-in” with the Kansas City choir was a fun time to get to meet them. I even was able to play basketball with a number of their members.
The chaperones this year could not have been better. Each one of them was wonderful and deserves much thanks. One in particular comes to mind: Dr. Prabhakar, better known as Doc Prabhak. He was the head chaperone (and mine too). My group awarded him the “Most Song-Inspiring Chaperone.” Many songs were parodied in his honor.