Thursday, May 31, 2007


One week from now we expect to be on our way to Springfield. In our wake we will be leaving weepy mothers and jubilant siblings with a bus full of ipod wearing, book reading, and expectant young men on their way to tour America's bread basket. For many of them this may be their first exposure to tour, but for many this has become an annual rite of passage and a chance to spend quality time with close friends and make new ones. As a chaperone group we are excited and nervous, just as the boys are.

We hope to make this a safe, fun tour and feel like we have achieved both fun times and quality performance venues enough to make both both the boys and Mr. Ross happy. I hope you take the time to thank all those who put the tour together including tour manager, Pam Hasting, Roxanne Reith, Theresa Gaziano-Steffan, Cathy Walls, Todd Parker, Amy Hansel, Pauline L'Heureux all of whom helped plan this tour. It is more work than any of them care to admit. Special thanks to Roxanne Reith whose home church in Kansas City will host the boys and who was a great proponent of this tour and a driving force in making it a reality.

I hope that you all enjoy reading the blog, please leave comments or e-mail me at during the tour.

Larry Prabhakar

Friday, May 4, 2007

Getting Ready

Well, all of the venues for tour are set and we have selected our chaperones for this years tour. I expect that we will have a much different tour blog than last year. Thankfully the logistics of publishing the blog will be easier than last year and most of you will hear from your boys ( hopefully) during the tour. I have agreed to blog again this year and I hope that you will all follow along. Though we won't have all the awe-inspiring sites that we had last year, we will be exposed to different cultures ( Branson) , foods ( KC Barbeque) and unusual characters (Mrs. Hasting). So I'm sure the boys will have a great time.

Check back for more updates as we prepare for tour.